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Business Analysis
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Business and Systems Analysis

We take a unified approach to requirements and solutions, working with functional and non-functional needs and overlaying them onto existing and/or optimal business processes.

We offer experience of Business Requirement facilitation, Functional Requirements, Functional Design, Non-Functional Requirements, Use Case Modelling, Enterprise Business Modelling, Test and Performance Test Requirements. Data Analysis, Statistical Analysis, MI and SEO Analysis are also services we provide.


Business context scoping work undertaken for graphical and textual representation of anticipated project deliverables. Gives business stakeholders accessible reference points for sign off of mandates and Project Initiation documents.


Business and Functional Requirements work undertaken to build communicative bridges between business stakeholders and technical design teams.

Use Case Modelling

Industry standard modelling techniques describing functional behaviour for input into the design and test phases of the development lifecycle.

Business Rules

Logical rule definition, supporting functional modelling and system process flow. Indexed Business Rules provide a solid basis for maintainable and supportable applications.

Non Functional Requirements

Supplemental requirements around system behaviour, performance and useability. Non Functionals support performance testing and application monitoring processes.

Requirements Traceability

Full requirements governance - management and consultancy through the development lifecycle, representing stakeholder interests to ensure delivery against defined success criteria.

Test Scenarios

Production of test scenarios for end to end quality assurance. We have experience of unit, system and user acceptance testing. Test data requirements provided, test data and data harnesses.

Load & Performance Testing

Load and performance test requirements provided, based on accurate process and transactional volume analysis.

Enterprise Business Modelling

Full, end to end application and process modelling, describing system behaviour, component integration, logical rules and business user base.

Enterprise modelling captures the intersection between business process and functional behaviour. A hybrid model, it demonstrates via swimlane the users involved in any holistic process and the logical rules governing the way in which they utilise applications. It also describes the manner in which enterprise components communicate.

An Enterprise Business Model provides a high level view of any complex business solution, under which can be captured detailed specifications and logical components. Hyperlinks from the model will tie together, for example, logical rules, detailed interface specifications, even code components. It provides a unified framework within which all functions of the IT and operational teams in your business can collaborate in programmes of business and system change.

This approach has been developed by Convergent Solutions to underpin complex system re-design projects. We've found it of particular benefit in organisations that are running multiple change projects simultaneously as it aids capture of design conflicts across different project verticles and provides a common knowledge base for all IT staff.